California Dreaming

La Playa

on February 9, 2012


Jet lag hit this morning, with the girls being wide awake at 4:30am!  Breakfast didn’t start until 7 so they had to make do with a melted twix left over from the flight to keep them going.

Breakfast was bread, pastries and coffee (which thankfully was pretty strong) then we headed out for the beach.  As it was still only 8am we had a bit of a walk one way down the beach before going to the beach club linked to the hotel.  the beach is beautiful, especially at that time of day.  A few joggers (or nutters as we like to call them) and some guys getting dive boats ready but not many others.  When we went to find the beach club we couldn’t find it so ended up walking the whole length of the beach – kids weren’t impressed, but were happy when they got to swin in the beautiful clear waters.

We had lunch at the beach club  – quesdillos for me, pasta for Fliss, Cheese burger for Letitia, Chicken fajitas for Adeline and Chicken Nachos for Jon – Washed down with a couple of cold beers.  All for about $80 USD .  Not bad considering it was on the beach.

Headed back for a siesta, as we were all tired and the girls were starting to go a bit red.  Then a quick dip in the pool whilst Mum and Dad read a book, before heading back out onto La Quinta.  La Quinta is 5th Avenue, which is Playa del Carmens main tourist pedestrian street;  basically wall to wall restaurants and tourist tat shops with the odd man holding a monkey.  Fun to experience but completely over priced and, we suspected, not entirely traditional mexican.  So we headed a couple of blocks away from the beach and ate at El Fogon;  Taditional Mexican in a hot and steamy restaurant with opn kitchen.  Lots of locals eating which was a good sign.  The food was great.  My beef fajitas were lovely and came with a bean soup as a starter which was really good.  Jon had Chirizo quesdilladas and the kids had various tacas.  More beer, and this time we got out for about $27.  Whilst eating on the beach was nice the food was no where near as good as El Fogon.

Félicité is in bed, asleep by 7pm and the girls won’t be far behind.

All in all a fantastic first day.



Aujourd’hui on a passé presque toute la journée sur la plage et l’eau était transparente et trop trop bonne et on a mangé sur la plage et après on est partie en ville et j’ai acheté un sac de plage et il est trop beau. Après le soir (tout de suite) on a mangé à la mexicaine et c’était trop bon. Moi j’ai mangé un sandwich au poulet

avec de la sauce verte piquante mais trop bonne.

Et demain direction le zoo et on va tenir des bébé crocodiles et des serpents.



4 responses to “La Playa

  1. adeline says:

    nous on se les pelle a – 10 degrés tout les matin (traduction: il fait très très très froid ) et puis vous aurez pas beaucoup de cours a ratrapper il y a pas eu cours lundi , mardi (que 12 élève), mercredi( que 8 éleves )
    pour adeline : la prof de français a crier parce que on était que 10

  2. moira says:

    Hi me again! Left a message on the previous page, hope you get it.
    Just had a long chat with Mireille and Larry. All ok especially Bonnie who is adorable.
    Larry has a touch of flu though. Going round for aperos Mon eve (Larry’s birthday) and taking Mireille shopping next Wed. Keep smiling!
    Lots of love,

    • doustholiday says:

      Hi Moira

      I’ve only just got the messages – I didn’t realise where they were hidden on the blog. We really are having an amazing holiday – sensory overload – there is so much to see. Give our love to larry and Mirielle when you see them next.

      Love from all of us xx

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Team Doust. Great to see all the things you’ve been up to on holiday. Thanks for sharing your adventure and hope the rest of your time in Mechicho is MONSTER. Look forward to photos, memories etc and of course to partaking of Desparado and nachos to prolong the Yucatan experience.
    Lots of Love to you all xxxx
    Moira and Martin
    nb I’m assuming the bottle of beer with buckets of condensation against the backdrop of palm trees, white sand and a tourquise sea was mean’t to enable us to suspend the reality of another bloody cold day in the Vendee!

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