California Dreaming

What a day

on February 12, 2012

We left Playa at 7am to drive to Chichen Itza.  We had been warned that it can get crowded with tour busses so we took advantage of the jet lag to get there before they did.

The drive was uneventful.  The roads are very quite, particularly the highway which was empt but the tolls were rather expensive so that is probably why.


The girls were not particularly excited when we pulled up to the car park, Adeline’s quote of “but it is just a big pile of rocks” rung out as we tried to get them to switch off their DSs.  All that changed once we got inside (after paying 177 pesos per adult – about 11€ and the bargin price of 5 pesos per child – about 0.35€).  But I didn’t realise it was so big! said Adeline.

It really is an amazing place, worthy of its world heritage status.  It is such a big site, the pyramid is at the centre of it, but the site is so much more than that.  We spent a happy couple of hours wandering around, Jon and I would have spent all day but 2 hours is the limit for the girls.

The only thing that spoiled the place slightly was the number of street vendors around.  I knew there were some at the entrance, butI hadn’t realised that they we everywhere.  It gave the place the feel of a craft market with some ruins as a backdrop.  Fortunately as we were there early alot of the stalls were still setting up.  We have trained the girls to say “no gracias” to everyone that offers us something for sale.  It is quite marked that the sellers respond to even the smallest amout of spanish spoken.  I feel that many of the tourists don’t make any effort whatsoever.  They speak English and pay in Dollars, despite the fact that service is much better if you try and speak spanish and prices much cheaper in pesos.

It is hard work for the girls to see so much for sale and not be able to buy anything, so Sunday will be dedicated to the market.

After Chichen Itza we were all hungry and hot.  So we stopped off at a cenote with a restaurant.  Cenotes are fresh water sink holes specific to this region.  There are loads of them around and some of them have been turned into big business charging $$$.  We decided to stop at a small local one, and we are so glad we did.  We stopped at this one: .  Seriously off the beaten track.  There was one other (mexican) family in the restaurant – where we had the best mexican food so far – simple but delicious and the girls all ate it!  We then swam in the cenote on our own.  It is a truely amazing expeirence to go down a hole 10m deep to swim in clear fresh water that is 45m deep.  The photos do not do it justice.

On to Merida and Pizza at the trip advisor No1 restaurant.  Really good pizza in a lovely courtyard.  The other remarkable thing about the day was the cost – for 5 of us, breakfast, lunch and dinner, entrance to Chichen itza and the cenote came in at about 100€.


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