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And today’s colour is – PINK

on February 15, 2012

To save me repeating what has already been so eloquently written I’m copying the review Jon has written for trip advisor:

Today (13th February 2012) is just about the end of the breeding season, but even so there were about 10,000 flamingos in situ when we pitched up.

The tour takes about 1.30 hours and the run up from the boat station takes about 15 minutes. The boatman was great – his English matched our Spanish (“two beers and some chips please”) but he was nonetheless enthusiastic and clearly knowledgeable about what we were seeing.

On the tour we spotted over 30 species of birds including osprey (we saw one take a fish about 20 meters away from us), gulls, herons (including a tiger heron, which was a first for me), kingfishers and three types of pelican.

The flamingos are the stars, however, and our guide was able to take us to within about 10 meters of the birds who were completely indifferent to our presence. They looked absolutely magnificent.

On the way back, a detour is made through the mangroves to have a squint at the wildlife and to bathe in some crystal clear pools fed by fresh water springs. However, today this was not possible due to the presence of a bloody great crocodile that had taken up residence for the day. The children thought that this was the best thing they’d ever seen. We don’t get crocodiles where we live. Mice, yes; crocodiles, no.

Yes that is real!

Practical notes: the boats from the the boat station just after the bridge into Celestun are “official” and charge fixed rates plus a federal tax for adults. We took the one hour trip on the basis of a recommendation that this covered the best bits and children would not get bored. In the event it lasted longer and kids loved every second.

There are boats operating from the beach in Celestun but these take much longer to get round the headland and up to the juicy bits, plus you have the tiresome business of haggling. As a guide, our party of two adults and three children paid 804 peso including tax.

Worth every red cent.


PS:  Sorry everyone – i’ve only just found the comments section in the blog, I didn’t realise i had to go in and approve everything!  I was starting to think no one was reading this.  I’m actually one day behind so I’ll post about today after dinner.  So sorry it’s so cold in the Vendee – it is 30 C here 🙂


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