California Dreaming


on February 15, 2012

By the time we got back from the restaurant last night (very colonial – touristy – food quite good) we were all exhausted so we all collapsed into bed.  We are having a lazy (ish) day today so we should get chance to catch up.

Yesterday we headed out to Uxmal.  Less renowned than Chichen Itza it is none the less a World Heritage site, and was at its height an important city of 25,000 people.

From our point of view it was much better than Chichen Itza.  It has some much more complete structures, there were very few visitors, and most importantly no market stalls inside the ground which even the girls, and their insatiable desire to spend money, agreed was a vast improvement.

It really is a quite remarkable place.  The girls really enjoyed it, though they were flagging slightly in the 30C heat.  Adeline decided that there were three parts to the visit, 1 part historical ruins, 1 part nice walk (the grounds are lovely) and one part iguana zoo (they were everywhere)

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This is a slideshow of the morning.


One response to “Uxmal

  1. manon says:

    elles sont trop belle les photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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