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Sunshine, sand, hammocks and fish

on February 19, 2012

Well after doing as little as possible yesterday we headed out to Tulum ruins this morning.  I have to say after everything we have seen so far they were a bit of a disappointment.  We arrived a little later than planned, but it was still only about 9:30am.  There were already 11 tour buses there, and alot of minibuses.  The place was very commercialised – if I tell you there was a subway outlet there then you will understand what I mean.

Fortunately the children didn’t have to pay so it only cost us 110 Pesos, which is a good job as we didn’t stay long.  This time Adeline was about right when she said it was a big pile of rocks.  Certainly once you have seen Uxmal then Tulum is not very impressive.  Add to that the 1000’s of American tourists just off their tour buses and cruise ships and you will understand why we didn’t stay long.  Nice picture though:


After that the day improved immeasurably;  We headed out to Akumal a little further up the coast as we had read you could snorkel from there.  What we found was the fabulous Yal-ku lagoon.  Cristal clear waters, and easy access for the kids;  The water was a lovely temperature, and there were plently of rocks to rest on when we got tired (or masks needed altering which happens surprisingly frequently with 3 girls).  We stayed about 90mins in the water and would have stayed much longer if we hadn’t been worried about sunburn. (no photo’s as Adeline’s waterproof camera turned out to be not so waterproof)

Fur lunch we stumbled upon the beachside bar/restaurant La Buena Vida.  I had some lovely Chicken and mango empanadas, and Jon had rice dish that resembled Jambalaya.  Both were delicious, made better by the view of Pelicans diving into the sea.  Lunch was worked off in the nearby hammocks before the 30 minute drive back to the hotel for more sand and surf.


Don’t worry Martin we had one for you!

It’s a hard life!


One response to “Sunshine, sand, hammocks and fish

  1. moira says:

    Bonjour famille Doust! Je vous écris en français, car il faut que vous vous remettiez à parler français pour votre retour!!!! J’espère que vous avez reçu mes autres messages, sinon j’ai envoyé un autre message sur votre blog.
    Que de bons souvenirs et voici un super moyen de non seulement partager vos vacances avec vos proches, mais aussi de pouvoir tout bien noter afin de garder précieusement ces sacrés souvenirs.
    C’est merveilleux.
    Bon, alors continuez à vous bien amuser et on a quand même hâte à vous revoir ce weekend!!
    Gros bisous à vous tous de Moïra, Martin et les animaux

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