California Dreaming


on February 25, 2012

Pronounced say-note-ay

As well as the Yokdzonot cenote we visited on the same day as chichen itza we have also been to 3 others during our time in the Yucatan.

Cenote Ik Kil

Whilst the cenote itself is similar in style to the yokdzonot cenote the experience is completely different.  Although we had the chance (or forthougt) to arrive whilst the place was still quiet, it was clear that this cenote gets alot of visitors.  By the time we left there were more than a douzen tour buses, with more arriving.  The changing rooms and facilities (ie souvenier shop and restaurant) can take this number of people, but the cenote is in fact smaller than Yokdznot.  Still very beautiful though, and has the added advantage of a jumping platform.

Note the water looks so dark simply because it is so deep, it is actually crystal clear.

Cenote X’kekén at Dzitnup

This cenote is an underground one with a hole in the roof.  It is basically like swimming in a cave, including the stalagtites.  Very beautiful.

Gran Cenote

This is on the road between Coba and Tulum, and we visited it on the way back from Coba.  It is the only one we went to where scuba divers go as well as swimmers.  It is half open half in a cave – at least the bit you can swim in is – if you dive then you connect into the Sac Actun system which is 215km long – currently the second longest underwater surveyed system in the world.  Apparently the surveyed bit is important as they keep finding new bits.

We all thoroughly enjoyed swimming in all the cenotes we visited, and if we have the good fortune to visit the area again we will visit many more of them.


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