California Dreaming

We are off again

on February 25, 2014

This time it is California (and Arizona).  From Disney to the Grand Canyon, from whale watching to cowboys, we are hoping to pack a lot into the next two weeks.  This blog is mostly so that friends and family can keep up with what we are doing, but also as a place for us to put our daily thoughts and ramblings which will then go into our photo book at the end of the holiday.

What we are trying to do for our girls is create happy memories.  Their childhood seems so short so we want there to be as many happy times crammed into it as possible.  Obviously we can have happy times without travelling, but we both have a tendency to concentrate on work when we are at home, so holidays are the time when the girls get us to themselves.  The also get us to do things we wouldn’t ordinarily do at home, such as play silly games, and take them to Disney.

Pour le plupart cette blog sera en anglais mais nous essayerons d’ajouter quelques mots chaque jour en français.  Veuillez excuser tout les erreurs.


One response to “We are off again

  1. Sue says:

    Have a fab time,Dousts! Looking forward to following your adventures xx

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