California Dreaming

The City of Angels

on March 4, 2014

We made it! We are actually in the U S of A.

The flight was much better than we had hoped. The girls were all very good, and I would have no hesitation booking with Virgin again – even the food was edible.

Immigration and customs were so quick we were at the car hire place an hour earlier than expected. The lady took one look at our luggage an said that the Jeep cheroke we had ordered was too small for us. After offering an upgrade for $39/day which we refused the offer eventually was reduced to $19 which we took up, still believing we had been a bit conned. On getting to the car park and seeing another family struggling to fit all their luggage into a Standard SUV we were very pleased when our upgraded tank arrived. It is huge!

We made it to the hotel, despite the fact that the directions I had were wrong and we had to navigage through LA using the hire car map, which looked like it had been torn from the back of a telephone directory.

Despite being very tired we went out to downtown Disney to grab a bite to eat and soak up a bit of the atmosphere. Unfortunately none of us took cameras or phones so there are no pictures today.

All up at 4am, and Disney doesn’t even open ’til 10am. We won’t forget the cameras today!


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