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Disney in more detail

on March 6, 2014

Jet lag is still taking its toll on Félicité so it is another 4am rise here.  I’ll use the time to write down some of our thoughts and memories of Disney.

The first thing we noticed was the crowds.  This is probably a pretty obvious thing to say and has always been one of the reasons I didn’t want to do Disney, but we had chosen supposedly one of the quietest days of the year to go.

Quiet time at Disneyland

Quiet time at Disneyland


I’m sure you can imagine how much Jon was looking forward his day at the happiest place on earth.


Jon can't wait.

Jon can’t wait.


Typically I’d done my homework and had a plan off attack.  Unfortunately everyone else seemed to have the same plan so the queue, even for the fast pass, for Indiana Jones was ridiculously long so we skipped it and went straight to Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is an indoor floating ride with various animatronics scenes around.  Captain Jack Sparrow pops up every now and again.  What is really noticable is how long the ride is, it just kept going.  All the scènes are very well done and the whole place is a bit Tardis like, from the outside it didn’t look very big at all but inside it seems huge.


Captain Jack - difficult to photograph a moving object in the dark.

Captain Jack – difficult to photograph a moving object in the dark.


Splash mountain came next, typical log flume ride but well themed.  Letitia got a very wet leg but the rest of us survived unscaithed.  The rest of the day followed in pretty much the same vein.  We avoided the queues where possible, using fast passes and wise choices.  I refused to queue for 30 minutes just to meet an out of work actor dressed as a cartoon mouse.

In reverse order the best rides of the day were:

5. Peter Pan

Flying over nightime London and stary skies to get to never-never land.  Very cleverly done.

4. Space Mountain

Indoor roller coaster in darkness, with just enough light to enable the clever people to confuse you which way up you are.  Definitely an adrenaline rush.  This was Letitia’s favourite ride.  Félicité didn’t go on it which was a wise choice.  The carosel held more appeal for her.

3. Haunted House

I was expecting this to be a walkthrough type thing, which it was to start with, then you get put onto a modern sort of ghost train. The special effects were really impressive.  Holograms used to produce realistic looking ghosts dancing and appearing through walls and floating through the air.  Very good (and only a 10 minute queue).

2. Star Tours

A flight simulator with a 3D screen taking you through star wars landscapes.  Reminisent of the type of attractions at Futuroscope.  Very funny.

1.  Indiana Jones

Simply the best ride I have ever been on.  Diving a world war 2 jeep through tunnels and round harepin bends.  Like nothing I have ever seen before.  Simply brilliant.  When Disney is good it is very very good.

A few more photos:

















One response to “Disney in more detail

  1. Sue says:

    You’ve got to love Disney! But you’ve got to embrace the cheese!!
    Does look very busy when you were there!! x

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