California Dreaming

San Diego Botanical Gardens

on March 7, 2014

Not perhaps the most obvious inclusion in a Californian road trip with 3 children but it was on our way between Anaheim and San Diego and we all like gardens.  It also provided the perfect antidote to a day at Disney and a mornings retail therapy.  The gardens are lovely, really well done especailly round the waterfall area and the children’s garden.  The latter includes one of the best tree houses I’ve ever seen.  A concrete tree so lifelike we all had to tap it in several places to convince ourselves it wasn’t real.  It has been planted up with strangler fig, which are starting to take over the concret structure.  Very clever.

The day also provide some good birdlife, including our first ever humming bird. We were eating an impromptu picnic lunch of peanut butter sandwiches (we were expecting there to be a cafe at the gardens – there isn’t) in the carport when a beautiful green feathered one appeared on the flower in front of the car.  The cameras weren’t out so no photo unfotunately though we did get an interesting looking thing on the pond a bit later.  not sure what it is though.









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