California Dreaming

Harbour Seals

on March 11, 2014

Continuing the wildlife theme, we wanted to go to see the seals that come to the beach at La Jolla – a rich suburb to the north of San Diego.  A concrete barrier and walkway had been constructed at one of the coves to make a beach that was safe for children to swim.  The local seals have decided that it is an ideal place and have moved in.


As free entertainment goes this has to be one of the best places ever.  The walkway provides a viewing platform where you can watch the seals sun bathing and swimming.  Some of the mothers were teaching their little ones to swim.  At the children’s beach there is a rope so you don’t get too close to the seals.  We went down to the next beach as you can see some of the seals in the water from there.  A seal came out of the water right by us and stared at us with sad eyes before making her way up the beach.  Her pup had died at the top of the beach and she was making her way up to his body.  It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.


It is so good to see animals in their natural habitat doing natural things.  Apparently some of the locals don’t like it and think they are smelly and noisy (and that is just the tourists that come to see the seals).  There is a move to get them cleared out, but fortunately there is a stronger movement to protect them so for now they are safe.  The locals certainly don’t make a thing of it though, it is avery well to do neighbourhood and I didn’t see a cuddly seal for sale anywhere – shame.

DSCN2999 DSCN2991 P1050926

After La Jolla the plan was to hit the beach.  We headed down to mission beach for some lunch, but the beach was full of club 18-30 types with not a family in sight, so we ended up in Burger King for lunch (great chips) before heading out to the Cabrillo monument.  This monument celebrates the first European, Juan Rodrigez Cabrillo, to set foot on the west coast of the USA.  No settlements were made until the mid 18th century but he is still named as the person who discovered California.  It has the best views in San Diego.


P1050947 P1050946 P1050950 DSCN3022 DSCN3020


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