California Dreaming

“I want to be a cowgirl, daddy….”

on March 14, 2014

“I don’t want to be a good girl-
Good girls have no fun.
I can’t play quiet games indoors,
I love the rain and sun.
I don’t want to be a girly girl
Who likes to sit and chat.
I just want to be a cowgirl, Daddy,
What’s so wrong with that?”


So, we quit San Diego and headed east. We went to places where they have tumbleweed and sagebrush and creosote bush, where there is a very real possibility of meeting a rattlesnake and having to say “howdy” with a straight face. We went to a ranch.


The ranch was in Arizona and getting there involved driving 17 miles away from metalled roads and mains drainage, down dirt roads all named after Doc Holliday. To be fair, what appeared at the end of this little dust-filled odyssey was a quite magnificent little place named the “Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch.”


As dude ranches go, this is a tiddler: 50 head of horse and only two wranglers – one called Tex and the other called Cody. But they are without doubt the real deal: knowledgeable, full of dry humour and wise in the matters of horses.


And we rode. We galloped across the Mohave desert, up and down sand-filled washes on horses with names like Winchester, Ace, Dusty, Montana and Rodeo. The best bit was that we could all ride together. When I get home, serious consideration will be given to the notion of acquiring both some more horseflesh and a western saddle.


I liked being a cowboy.



One response to ““I want to be a cowgirl, daddy….”

  1. Moira says:

    Hey. Who wrote that fab poem? You are on the ranch at last!!! Love the views and photos already. Looks like you are having as much sunshine as us so not so jealous……Not!!!!
    You want more flesh on a horse? We have two fatties at your disposal!!!
    Have fun and keep up with the diary .
    Lots of love.

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